cloud solutions


Why Cloud Solutions?

Whether your business is a small startup or an internationally-recognized business, cloud solutions are an integral part of any business these days. Cloud technologies offer businesses countless benefits that range from cost-saving measures to deploying powerful technological solutions that otherwise wouldn’t be possible with your current office hardware.

Implementing cloud-based solutions to your business is desirable no matter what stage your business is currently at. Our job is to help you build effective cloud solutions that are not only flexible but can save you money and offer you new ways to work, collaborate and succeed.

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How Do Cloud Solutions Work?

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    Cloud solutions could include anything from office productivity software like Office 365 to more advanced solutions such as a Windows Virtual Desktop environment. If it’s a solution that runs on the internet instead of locally on your machine, meaning that all you need to access it is an internet connection. This allows you to take advantage of additional storage without a large hard drive, software that you don’t need to install on your computer, and powerful cybersecurity software without needing to configure it yourself.
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    Cloud solutions are scalable, meaning that the options available to you can easily be adapted to your current business situation or budget constraints. This allows you to easily add new functionality and improve processes in your current workflow without having to make expensive investments. Instead of purchasing new hardware which comes with maintenance and configuration needs, you can have the service managed and accessible over the cloud with minimal effort.

Can I Benefit From Cloud Solutions?

  • Absolutely.

    Any business that makes use of technology could migrate to the cloud and take advantage of a flexible and cost-effective infrastructure. You can quickly deploy new services, scale them up or down and even make your budgeting more predictable with fixed monthly costs. It also allows you to work remotely thanks to services like Windows Virtual Desktop environments, giving your staff more portability and flexibility in how they decide to work.

    Cloud solutions allow you to punch above your weight, giving you the ability to grow your business without needing to invest in expensive services and technology. You can pick whatever solution suits you best and grow it when required. You’ll also get the benefit of managed IT services to help you tweak your cloud solutions to your needs.


Migrating to the Cloud

Migrating to the cloud can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve been rooted in locally-run software and in-house services for most of your business life. Thankfully, migrating can be easy with the help of a professional managed IT services company to lead the way. Once you’ve migrated, switch to and from cloud services becomes simple. Making changes involves clicking a few buttons and many of the services are intuitive, meaning that anyone can take advantage of a cloud-based workflow.

So whether you’re a brand new startup or an established business, take advantage of cloud services today by contacting us for more information. We provide a comprehensive selection of cloud managed services to help you grow your business with flexible solutions within your budget.