managed windows virtual desktop services


Managed Windows Virtual Desktop Services

Windows Virtual Desktop is a powerful service offered by Microsoft that allows you to control a Windows session that runs on the cloud. This allows you to break free from the confines of your office and gives you access to powerful computing power even if your company uses low-powered desktops and mobile devices. Remote desktop services are typically used to provide scalable and flexible solutions to many different computing needs.

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Secure Working Connections

  • These days, cybersecurity has become a major concern that all businesses have to face. Stolen client information can have a massive negative impact on your business, and that’s only scratching the surface of what’s possible should an attacker gain access to your systems. They could hate your business for several days, hold your data ransom or even destroy your business from the inside.
  • Without sufficient protection, your business is at the mercy of these cybercriminals. With the help of Windows Virtual Desktop services, you can build a safe and protected environment to conduct your business. Not only is your connection to the virtual desktop safe, but powerful cybersecurity measures are in place to prevent the spread of viruses and infections that could expose vulnerabilities in your systems.

Everything is kept up to date to ensure that no exploits can be used to access your data, giving you a much safer desktop platform to work from.


Remote Work Opportunities

  • One of the biggest advantages of using a Windows Virtual Desktop is the portability it offers. Being able to virtualize an entire Windows desktop and run it from a low-powered laptop means that you can access the full suite of Windows software and apps without having to own a powerful computer of your own. You can continue working on your office computer even if you’re halfway across the world, giving you far more flexibility and portability.
  • This offers you countless remote working opportunities. Being able to virtualize multiple different computers from an inexpensive laptop means you can access powerful software and build entire systems that can be remotely accessed. You can stay in touch with your workplace and continue collaborating on projects without even being in the same room. You can even add your existing remote desktop services and apps into a Windows Virtual Desktop service, resulting in minimal downtime and almost no negative changes to your workflow that could stall it.

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