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What is Cyber Security?

Bespoke Systems offers a comprehensive selection of cybersecurity services that are designed to protect your business and your customers. With the rise in cybercrime in the past couple of years and countless high-profile IT networks that have been compromised, it’s become apparent that more companies need to focus their efforts on bolstering their cybersecurity efforts in order to safeguard their business and their data.

At Bespoke Systems, we’re constantly searching for new technologies and methods to refine our multi-layered approach to cybersecurity. In order to protect your business and data from the threat of hackers, we implement a wide range of security solutions at different points in your business to ensure complete protection.


Our wealth of experience and expertise in all of the major security tools and technologies allows us to create a bespoke solution that is unique to your business.


Whether it’s guarding business-critical data or educating your employees, our comprehensive range of services will ensure total protection for your business.

Our Cyber Security solutions will help you stay protected. Let’s get started


What is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime takes many different forms. In most cases, cybercriminals look to gain unauthorized access to your system through the use of system exploits or social engineering. With this access, they can wreak havoc on your business, stealing customer data or compromising systems until your business slows to a halt. In many cases, this is done with the intention of financial gain. Some common forms of cybercrime include:

  • Phishing

    Involves sending bogus emails to your clients while posing as you to gain security information and personal details.

  • Service desk

    Hijacking and encrypting your files, holding them ransom and forcing you to pay ludicrous amounts of money to retrieve them.

  • Keylogging

    A program that is installed on a victim’s computer to log their key presses, Often used to steal passwords and sensitive information.

  • Distributed Denial of Service

    By barraging your network with constant junk requests, a DDoS attack renders your systems unusable due to the amount of traffic flowing into your systems.

  • Ad Clicker

    Allows criminals to redirect your clicks to their advertisements, causing a nuisance and occasionally the installation of spyware and malware to your computers.

  • Hacking

    Gaining unauthorized access to your network to steal or modify data.


What is Complete Cybersecurity?

Complete cybersecurity aims to provide your company with a business-grade level of protection for your organisation. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you have the highest levels of security in place to safeguard your business and its data.

This involves a number of different software and hardware solutions that are monitored by your CIT team as part of our complete cybersecurity solution. We take note of any suspicious network behaviour, flag it immediately and perform the correct remedial action. Cybercriminals constantly change their methods and take advantage of different exploits, hence the importance of adapting our methods and updating them as soon as possible.

Your computer cybersecurity solution will include the following:


Intrusion prevention


Intrusion detection


Web filtering


Content filter


Malware filtering


Data Loss Prevention


Reputation Enabled Defence


Gateway Antivirus

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today so you can learn more about our complete cybersecurity solution.